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Adding new User to CC allocation, and using Stampede

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Adding new User to CC allocation, and using Stampede
add user tacc stampede access
1/3/13 9:48 PM
Hello XSEDE community,

I'm a campus champion at Univ Montana and would like to add a new user, initially to my CC allocation, for which I've got a good number of SU's available. I haven't done this in a while.

After logging in to the User Portal myself, and going into "My XSEDE" and selecting "Add User" I now find that I can only add a user AFTER this user already has an account identity on the XSEDE User Portal, so their name can be selected from the drop-down (left-hand pane) on the Add User dialog, for transferral to the right-hand pane's list of users. This seems like a circular problem, since the system appears to be requiring a user to essentially "already have an account before than can get an account". Please advise how I get apply to get a brand new user (in my case, James Van Leuven here at UM), a sufficient initial on-line identity that I can then have him added to my TRA campus champion allocation.

Next, and perhaps as important, I'd like to investigate if or how I could have my CC allocation modified, such that the new TACC Stampede resource could be a choice for running jobs on. I'd be more than willing to trade SU's on an existing resource for which I have access to, to an equivalent no. of SU's on TACC Stampede, if that is all possible, as the PI mentioned here (James) has a very large memory problem we'd love to try running on Stampede if we can. Thanks much in advance!

best regards,
Joe Glassy, Univ Montana CC

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RE: Adding new User to CC allocation, and using Stampede
1/8/13 11:00 PM as a reply to Joe Glassy.

hey, thanks - your forum response helped a lot.

So, James has now created his required entry, and I've added him to our TRA and included him for use of TACC resources. Now we'll just have to see about if / how I can transfer SU's from Ranger to Stampede, or, perhaps separately apply for some dedicated Stampede SU's if things progress ok. Thanks again! more later..

joe glassy