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Is anyone using Octave on Lonestar?

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Is anyone using Octave on Lonestar?
tacc lonestar octave
2/6/13 6:43 PM
Is anyone successfully using Octave on Lonestar? I am trying to use it (the version already installed on the system. I heard that someone compile there own binary). I met with the following issues:

1) I can load the octave module (with other required modules such as mkl, etc.) on the login node, and run octave directly under login node.

2) However, when I submit a jobscript in which octave is called with an absolute path to the queue, the job will fail with the following message:

Lmod Warning: Did not find: octave/3.6.1

/opt/apps/octave/3.6.1/bin/octave: bad interpreter: No such file or directory

3) If I use idev and launch an interactive job, and working on an node I am assigned, I found out the following:
a) "module spider octave/3.6.1" returns correct octave module information.
b) "module load octave/3.6.1" fails with "Lmod Warning: Did not find: octave/3.6.1"
c) Other modules such as mkl can be successfully loaded in the interactive job

4) If I load all the modules (including octave) under login node, and launch the idev job with -V option, then under the working node I am assigned
a) "module list" indeed shows all the modules loaded under the login node before launching the interactive job, including octave
b) However, "which octave" returns a message that "octave not found in ....(my PATH)", although /usr/appl/octave/3.6.1/bin/ is indeed in the path.
c) If "ls /usr/appl/octave/3.6.1", it shows an empty directory!

So what is going on? Anyone meet with the same issue or have any suggestions?

RE: Is anyone using Octave on Lonestar?
11/6/13 4:30 PM as a reply to Jingjing Li.
Octave seems to work fine on the compute nodes. Did you submit a ticket about this issue sir? Did you get it resolved?

Jingjing Li:
For anyone who is interested: Octave on Lonestar is configured for login nodes only. We can not run on working nodes yet. They say they are working on installing octave on the working nodes.

BTW, since we are supposed not to run jobs on login nodes, basically this means Octave on lonestar is very much useless, I assume.