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Campus Bridging year 2 activities - Rocks rolls, use cases

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Hi all!

WE have a pretty well worked out strategy for distribution of cluster software. The basic idea is to make it easy for a cluster admin to stand up a cluster that mimics a "generic" xsede cluster. Worked out well and of good quality from the standpoint of intended users . . .those can be two things. So the current cut of that document is attached here. We are exspeically interested to hear from people on smaller campujses as to whether or not this approach seems helpful. A list of potential / planned software to be installed by default is included. We are especially interested in comments on that list.

Also attached here is the level 3 decomposition document for the campus bridging use cases.
Attachments: XSEDE-CBUC-Level3Decom-X-WAVE_2013_feb_4.docx (1,256.9k), XSEDE-Campus-Bridging-Cluster-sw-strategy-0.6_2013_feb_4.docx (802.1k)