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Renewal vs. Supplement

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Renewal vs. Supplement
6/26/13 4:54 PM
I currently have a startup allocation and a research allocation. The work has gone very well so far and I am very pleased with both the XSEDE setup and the help I have received through TACC, the location of my current allocations. First, therefore, is a thank you to NSF, the XSEDE team, and TACC.

As the work has progressed, I have exhausted my startup and am beginning to work on my research allocation, as intended. However, the work has grown as a few additional collaborations have come to fruition. Because of that, I intend to request more SU in the upcoming proposal period. My question is what type of proposal should I submit, Renewal vs. Supplement? I would like to accomplish 3 things, if possible. The first is update the title of the work from the more specific title associated with my original research proposal to a more general title which encompasses the growing collaboration I am working within, e.g. numerical simulation of gases in general going forward vs. a particular set of simulations associated with my original submission. The second thing is to request a larger allocation, reflecting the increased scope of the project and the larger team working on it. The third is to extended the allocation from my current deadline of December to the new deadline a year from the next allocation period (November?).

To my understanding a Renewal would allocate me new time starting in January, after the exhaustion of my current year SU allocation. Accounts do not retain unused SU from allocation period to allocation period. Therefore a Renewal would get me the expansion and update I wish, but not until this allocation period has expired, in January. To my understanding a Supplement will allocate the time during this allocation period, but the expiration is in December. The SU from a Supplement would expire quickly. Is the only solution to submit a small supplement proposal now then a renewal in the 4th quarter submission period? Or is there a way to submit a Renewal/Supplement now to expand and extend my current research allocation, reflective of the increased scope of the project(s) my collaborations and I are undertaking?