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FW: XSEDE HPC Monthly Workshop - February 4, 2014 - Big Data

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Anybody know why so many of these workshops are not being webcast? Even if it was just a non-interactive stream, it’d be beneficial to see.

(Sending this via the Campus Champion forum email address, by the way.)

Dana Brunson, Ph.D.
Director, OSU High Performance Computing Center
Adjunct Associate Professor, OSU Computer Science Department<>, MS102, 405-744-4455,<>

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Subject: XSEDE HPC Monthly Workshop - February 4, 2014 - Big Data

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Start time: 04 Feb, 2014 11:00 EST
End time: 04 Feb, 2014 17:00 EST

Posted on 22 Jan, 2014 18:02 UTC by Tom Maiden

XSEDE along with the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center are pleased to announce a one day Big Data workshop, to be held February 4, 2014.

This workshop will focus on topics such as Hadoop and SPARQL.

Due to demand, this workshop will be telecast to several satellite sites including:

* Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
* Ohio Supercomputer Center
* University of Iowa
* Purdue University
* Clemson University
* University of Houston, Clear-Lake
* Georgia State University

This workshop is NOT available via a webcast.

11:00AM – 1:00PM
--Intro to Hadoop--

System overview
-Interacting with HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System)

-Writing Java Hadoop programs
-Wordcount example
-Compiling and packaging
-Mappers and Reducers
-API Overview

-Hadoop streaming – Hadoop programs in arbitrary languages
-Bash example
-Python example

2:00PM – 5:00PM

* Learn the Graph Analytic approach to Data analysis, including some real-world examples.

* Gain an introduction to the RDF data format and the SPARQL query lanquage, with hands-on practice.

* Learn how to interact with the Sherlock Urika system."

Register by following the link to View Session Details of your preferred location.

Please address any questions to Tom Maiden at<>

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