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zipping files before transfer

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zipping files before transfer
stampede tar file transfer zip
2/18/14 4:38 PM

I am relatively new to Linux and XSEDE so I have a rather specific question that might seem simple but I just want to make sure that I am doing things the right way. Question: Am I allowed to use the tar command to tar and zip my files when I am connected to, e.g. stampede login node, and are there any associated restrictions? Many thanks!


RE: zipping files before transfer
7/17/14 1:26 PM as a reply to Nenad Bijelic.
Thank you for your inquiry. We apologize for the delayed response. The tar command can be used on a login node. However keep in mind that login nodes are shared resources and we cannot allow users to run programs on them that take a considerable amount of time to complete or else they would become unusable.We recommend that if you are archiving a significant number of files or files that are large in size that you run a batch job off of a compute node to perform the task.

More information on transferring files can be found at:

Best Regards,
Jason Allison - TACC User Services