In XSEDE, what is an Allocation Manager, and how do I designate one for my project?

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For allocations on the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE), principal investigators (PIs) and co-PIs may designate non-PI or co-PI users to be Allocation Managers (AMs) to help manage their allocations. AMs have all the rights of a co-PI, as they pertain to adding and removing users. The AMs for a project include the PI, all co-PIs, and any users designated as AMs.

To designate an AM:

  1. The PI or co-PI logs into the XSEDE User Portal, and selects My XSEDE, and then Allocations/Usage.
  2. The PI or co-PI selects to display the list of users on the project. A yellow star will appear next to any user who is a co-PI; a red star will appear next to any user who is an AM.
  3. To designate (or revoke designation) of the AM role, the PI selects the person icon to the right of the user's name. This will allow the PI to enable (or disable) AM status.
  4. Role changes take effect immediately. The PI, co-PIs, and all AMs will receive confirmations in email of the role changes.

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