What software is included in the XSEDE Rocks roll?

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As part of its Campus Bridging effort, the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) distributes a custom Rocks roll for use by the US open science community to minimize the complexity of turning a "bare-bones" Rocks cluster into an XSEDE-Compatible Basic Cluster (XCBC), a high-performance parallel computing cluster that's compatible with XSEDE digital services.

A "bare-bones" Rocks cluster is configured using only the core kernel, base, and os rolls, and runs 64-bit CentOS (with all available updates) installed. Several optional Rocks-developed rolls are available to extend the feature set of the "bare-bones" cluster. Additionally, a variety of community-developed rolls, such as the XSEDE Rocks roll, are available to further extend the "bare-bones" feature set and simplify the uniform installation of custom configurations.

The XSEDE Rocks roll includes a variety of open source scientific, mathematical, and visualization packages commonly installed on XSEDE digital compute services. Packages included in the XSEDE Rocks roll vary by release, according to demand. To see which packages are in the latest release (0.0.10), see the README.0.0.10 file. These packages also are available in the XSEDE National Integration Toolkit (XNIT; formerly known as the XSEDE Yum Repository). For more on the XNIT repository, see What is the XSEDE National Integration Toolkit (XNIT), and how do I use it?

For more about Rocks, including instructions on using the latest releases of the Rocks and XSEDE Rocks rolls to build an XCBC system, see ARCHIVED: What is Rocks, and how do I use it to build an XSEDE-Compatible Basic Cluster (XCBC)? If you have questions about the XSEDE Rocks roll, or need help, contact the XSEDE Help Desk.

Note: The XSEDE Rocks roll and the XSEDE National Integration Toolkit (XNIT) include open source applications developed and released by organizations that are not affiliated with the XSEDE project. Each application has its own specific disclaimers of risk. XSEDE distributes these applications as a service to the open science research community, and does not accept any liability, or make any claims about the suitability of these packages for any particular use. By choosing to install or use any of the applications included in the XSEDE Rocks roll or the XNIT repository, you take full responsibility for the consequences.

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