New to XSEDE?

View the latest recordings from our training classes to learn more:

XSEDE New User Tutorial
Recorded: October 25, 2018
Run time: 53 minutes
Tom Maiden and Marcela Madrid from PSC provide an overview of XSEDE, its services and capabilities. The second half of the presentation provides details on each of XSEDE's compute resources.
Writing and Submitting a Successful XSEDE Proposal
Recorded: June 17, 2019
Run time: 1:46:53
This presentation details all the requirements needed for successful research allocation requests. Topics covered include Computation Methodologies, Justification for SUs requested and many others.

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On Demand Training

Several online training opportunities are available for both XSEDE and the various technology areas within XSEDE. Please view the list of available training classes below:

  Cloud Computing
  Code Improvement
  Message Passing Interface (MPI)
  Parallel Programming Concepts
  Scripting Topics
  Comprehensive Courses