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2009 Science Highlight Stories

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2008 Science Highlight Stories

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2007 Science Highlight Stories

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News from TeraGrid '07

As seen in HPCwire and GRIDtoday.


December 11, 2007 TACC Ramping Up Staff to Deploy Ranger, Increase Support for TeraGrid Resources
December 4, 2007 Buckyball Bowling with BigBen and Wiimo in Reno
November 26, 2007 CiSE Call for Papers on HPC Education
November 16, 2007 Team led by IU wins Supercomputing Bandwidth Competition
November 13, 2007 The TeraGrid Receives Honors in HPCwire Readers' and Editors' Choice Awards
November 10, 2007 Computational Science Awards Announced
November 8, 2007 TeraGrid to Spotlight World-Class Resources for Innovation and Discovery
November 7, 2007 PSC at SC07: Bioscience via TeraGrid, K-12 & ZEST
November 7, 2007 LSU Center for Computation & Technology to Demonstrate Innovative Research at Supercomputing 2007
October 10, 2007 IU research labs receive $1.69 million to develop scientific research gateway
October 3, 2007 Louisiana joins TeraGrid
October 1, 2007 ACM/IEEE HPC Fellowship Program call for applications
September 4, 2007 SDSC Launches User-Settable Supercomputer Reservations
August 20, 2007 IU research labs receive $1.9 million for Polar Grid research
August 14, 2007 Updates to Coordinated TeraGrid Software and Services (CTSS)
August 9, 2007 NCAR Adds Computing Resource to the TeraGrid
July 20, 2007 Purdue Makes Distributed Rendering Available at SIGGRAPH 2007 via TeraGrid
July 13, 2007 NCAR's IBM Blue Gene/L system starts TeraGrid production on July 31, 2007
July 10, 2007 Supercomputing On Demand: SDSC Supports Event-Driven Science
June 25, 2007 IEEE GRID Call for Posters/Demos / Deadline is June 29
June 7, 2007 IU Data Capacitor achieves unprecedented single-client performance across TeraGrid with Wide Area Lustre
May 22, 2007 Atkins to Speak at TeraGrid 07
May 10, 2007 PSC Provides Major Support for Unprecedented NOAA and University of Oklahoma Storm-Forecast Experiment
May 9, 2007 HPDC 2007 -- Call for Hot Topics
May 8, 2007 Dane Skow takes the reins as new TeraGrid project director
April 19, 2007 More than 87 million hours of compute time awarded on TeraGrid systems
April 19, 2007 Call for Participation - High Performance Distributed Computing 2007 (HPDC2007)
April 9, 2007 TeraGrid 07 Speakers Include Jones, Maechling and Strong
February 6, 2007 Submissions sought for third annual Reconfigurable Systems Summer Institute
January 25, 2007 SDSC Experts Help Navajos Build "An Internet to the Hogan"
January 24, 2007 The Cornell Theory Center (CTC) today announced its connection and partnership with the NSF's TeraGrid.
January 18, 2007 Free online simulation tools and educational material on nanoHUB.org
January 15, 2007 Challenges of Large Applications in Distributed Environments (CLADE) Call For Papers
January 4, 2007 "Think Big" for March LRAC and MRAC proposals
December 22, 2006 Student Scholarships available at Open Grid Forum
December 16, 2006 Final SDSC Thread newsletter for the year.
December 15, 2006 International Supercomputer Conference Issues: Call for Papers for 2007 Meeting
December 13, 2006 Purdue offers Condor resources to TeraGrid community
November 30, 2006 Earthquake Team Wins SC06 Analytics Challenge
November 21, 2006 Pittsburgh Doubles Capability of BigBen
November 17, 2006 The TeraGrid and Grids-of-Grids
November 17, 2006 SC06 Grid Interoperability Workshop Emphasizes Sociology
November 16, 2006 New computer software at ANL enables rapid response to time-critical emergencies
November 7, 2006 PSC at SC|06: Science, the Cray XT3 & TeraGrid
October 3, 2006 Pennsylvania House of Representatives Recognizes PSC's 20th Anniversary
September 28, 2006 Texas Advanced Computing Center receives $59 million high-performance computing award from National Science Foundation
September 20, 2006 RENCI Bioportal Enhanced with First Workflow
September 12, 2006 GRIDtoday Names RENCI's Bioportal Top Life Sciences Grid Implementation
September 12, 2006 TeraGrid is Voted GRIDtoday Top Research Grid
August 24, 2006 GCE06 - Second International Workshop on Grid Computing Environments - Call for Papers
August 22, 2006 User Advisory: Vulnerability in Globus Toolkit's grid-proxy-init
August 21, 2006 TeraGrid Computations Show Gyroid Defect Formation
July 27, 2006 NCAR to collaborate with San Diego Supercomputer Center on replication of critical data
July 19, 2006 TACC's new "Lonestar" supercomputer to be one of the most powerful in the world
July 11, 2006 Framework for processing LSST astronomy data undergoing first annual challenge
June 28, 2006 Open-source software powers top US academic supercomputer
June 20, 2006 "Modeling Coastal Hydrodynamics and Hurricanes Katrina and Rita"
June 13, 2006 NCAR Joins TeraGrid, Enabling Scientists to Strengthen Research into Complex Phenomena
June 9, 2006 A Lightweight Application Hosting Environment is Now Available for TeraGrid Users
June 6, 2006 New look for TeraGrid website
May 25, 2006 RENCI Science Gateway Team Unveils TeraGrid Bioportal
May 22, 2006 TeraGrid Software Project Wins CLADE 2006 Best Paper
May 19, 2006 TeraGrid User Portal Goes Live
May 18, 2006 Speakers at TeraGrid 06 to highlight 21st century cyberinfrastructure
May 9, 2006 "Cosmic Collisions" Highlights Simulations at Pittsburgh
April 1, 2006 NCSA, SDSC add compute systems to TeraGrid
March 10, 2006 Newly developed portal provides easily accessible earth data collections for data-driven science
February 13, 2006 TACC's Top-Ranked Terascale Compute Cluster Gets Significant Upgrade
January 24, 2006 Interoperation TeraGrid's focus at 16th Global Grid Forum
January 24, 2006 New release of GSI-OpenSSH includes high-performance networking patches
January 6, 2006 SDSC and NCSA Provide Combined TeraGrid Resources
December 14, 2005 TeraGrid Management Team Announces New Deputy Director
November 21, 2005 Three U.S.-U.K. Projects Link TeraGrid Sites with U.K. for Interactive Simulations in Real Time
September 21, 2005 The Human Arterial Tree on the TeraGrid
August 17, 2005 $150 Million TeraGrid Award Heralds New Era for Scientific Computing
July 25, 2005 TeraGrid Initiative Seeks to Address Needs of Computational Scientists
July 21, 2005 RCAC opens up opportunistic access to 11 TFlops for TeraGrid users
July 20, 2005 Pittsburgh Unveils Big Ben the Supercomputer
July 13, 2005 NSF-supported centers provide a record 570 million units of supercomputing time
July 5, 2005 Improved Storm Forecast Capability Demonstrated
November 23, 2004 StorCloud Challenge Demonstrates the Power of TeraGrid
October 8, 2004 TeraGrid Enters Full Production Phase
October 1, 2004 Maverick Comes Online at TACC
September 29, 2004 Red Storm Comes to Pittsburgh
July 13, 2004 NCSA Purchases SGI Altix System
May 5, 2004 Anglo-American Team Gets Big Results with TeraGrid
March 23, 2004 TeraGrid Tutorial Now Available Online
March 16, 2004 Teragrid's First Targets Include Galaxy Formation and Pollution Cleanup
January 26, 2004 First Phase of TeraGrid Goes into Production
November 2003 TeraGrid @ A Glance: An overview of TeraGrid activities at SC2003 (PDF)
October 3, 2003 TeraGrid Enables NCSA Researcher's Optimization Study
October 3, 2003 TeraGrid Tutorial to be Featured at SC2003
September 29, 2003 NSF Announces Three Awards to Extend the Reach of Terascale Facility
August 26, 2003 Pittsburgh Connects to TeraGrid Network
June 11, 2003 TeraGrid Project Begins Accepting Computing Proposals
March 4, 2003 World's Fastest Network Launched to Connect TeraGrid Sites
January 21, 2003 TeraGrid Clusters Successfully Installed at NCSA
January 21, 2003 NCSA's TeraGrid Deployment Effort to be Part of Computerworld Honors Collection
November 13, 2002 Scientists to Demonstrate TeraGrid at SC2002 in Baltimore
November 4, 2002 New Two Teraflop IBM POWER4 Supercomputer to Aid Scientific Research at NCSA
October 29, 2002 NCSA Deploys Brocade Silkworm 12000 Core Fabric Switch
October 10, 2002 NSF's $35 Million Extensible Terascale Facility Award Expands TeraGrid Project
July 16, 2002 I-WIRE Activation First Step Toward National TeraGrid Network
April 23, 2002 Juniper Networks New T-series Family Delivers Breakthrough in Core Routing Technology and Provider Economics
April 17, 2002 NCSA's First Itanium™ Cluster Now Online
November 8, 2001 TeraGrid Partners to Unveil Prototype TeraGrid System at SC2001 in Denver
October 18, 2001 NCSA's First Itanium Linux Cluster Shows Top Performance in Test Runs
September 24, 2001 $12 Million Middleware Initiative Will Aid Scientific Discovery
September 19, 2001 SDSC to Host NSF-Sponsored 10-Gigabit Ethernet Workshop October 18-19
September 11, 2001 Rep. Johnson Recognizes NCSA, U of I with Congressional Statement
August 9, 2001 NSF Pledges $53 Million for a Distributed Terascale Facility
August 9, 2001 Intel Itanium™ Architecture to be Foundation for One of World's Most Powerful Scientific Computing Systems
August 9, 2001 IBM Selected to Build World's Most Powerful Computing Grid
August 9, 2001 Qwest Communications Partners with Elite Research Centers to Launch the World's Most Powerful Network
August 9, 2001 Distributed Terascale Facility to Commence with $53 Million NSF Award

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