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Campus Champions at TeraGrid '11


The Campus Champions Program is an integral part of TeraGrid and will continue with the XD program. To extend beyond the current user base to support broader national participation, the Campus Champions Program was formed in 2008.  The Campus Champions (local campus representatives) pro-actively engage researchers, educators, administrators, staff and students on campuses across the country to facilitate awareness of and access to TeraGrid's resources and services.

Experience has demonstrated that numerous activities, strategies and pathways are needed to engage and support broader participation in terascale and now petascale science, engineering, and scholarship among researchers and educators.  The Campus Champion Program establishes strong campus partnerships with the TeraGrid that provide multiple avenues for support and advocacy among campus users and TeraGrid Resource Providers.

The Campus Champions will be meeting on Sunday, July 17, to participate in "Champion Day." This will provide an opportunity for current Champions to network, learn of others' successes, and update themselves on the latest strategies.  Champions will be able to select from a variety of tutorials offered on Monday and then participate in the conference proper Tuesday through Thursday. 

TeraGrid '11 registration and tutorial fees are waived for each Champion who attends the conference (a registration code will be provided to champions before registration opens on May 27).  Please plan to be in attendance on the first day of the week, Sunday, July 17, 4 p.m. MT.


Sunday, July 17, Campus Champions Activities

Activities will be in Salons GHIJ

4-4:30pm Introduction 

4:30-5:15pm Breakout session: "Successful strategies for Campus Champions" 

5:15-5:30pm Break

5:30-6:15pm Group discussion of results of breakout sessions

6:15-7:15pm Dinner (Campus Champion Representatives and Invited Guests only)

During dinner, John Towns and Scott Lathrop will present on the "Transition to XD and the role of Campus Champions"

7:15-8:15pm Panel discussion: "Demystification of XD: Current operations and Future Plans"

Allocations (Ken Hackworth, PSC)

User Engagement (Glenn Brook, NICS)

Advanced Support -- Communities (Nancy Wilkins-Diehr, SDSC)

Campus Bridging and/or Outreach and Training

8:15-8:30pm Take home lessons, future plans, and wrap up

8:30pm Meet and Greet TG/XD people (Dessert)

Questions?  Please contact Campus Champion Coordinator Kay Hunt: kay@purdue.edu.